Fragrant oregano gr. 50

Oregano is one of the most widely used aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine. In fact, it is added to the tomato sauce for pizza, to meat alla pizzaiola, without forgetting the caprese or salads which, thanks to the oregano, manage to obtain an unmistakable, fresh, aromatic flavour, capable of enhancing all the other ingredients present in the dish at the palate. It is also used to season fish and meat and is added to focaccia.

It is an aromatic plant that grows spontaneously here in Italy, especially in Sicily, whose mountains are literally dotted with it. Over time, many farms have decided to make this precious good that nature has decided to offer their own, cultivating it and selling it in the dried version, which in fact keeps for a long time.


50 gr.

Sicilian oregano is considered to be the most valuable of all.

The Sicilian soil and the climatic conditions of which the island can boast, therefore give the oregano that grows here a unique flavor, much more intense than that of oregano in other areas of Italy, bitter and slightly spicy.

The flavor of Sicilian oregano is so exceptional that it can transform every dish into a real delight. But that is not all. In fact, according to ancient Sicilian traditions, oregano must certainly not be treated solely and exclusively as an aromatic plant to be used in the kitchen.

It is in fact a plant with important anti-inflammatory properties, capable of helping in digestion and counteracting meteorism. Not only that, oregano would also have the ability to help the nervous system work better and would also allow the airways to be cleared. In short, not a simple aromatic plant, but a real panacea, perfect for guaranteeing excellent general well-being of the body.


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